Realtime and microservices with GraphQL

1 min read

After some time working with this technology in several projects, and dealt with some pitfalls, I felt ready to talk about a couple of interesting scenarios where we used GraphQL.

This was a great opportunity to kind of showcase Negron, a GraphQL APIs aggregator we built at The Cocktail when developing a series of microservices exposing GraphQL APIs.

Me talking at Commit Conf

With an attendance of nearly 300 people, this was my first real talk in a conference this big, and also the first one I gave in English.

Some of the lessons I gathered from this are things like I was fool enough to think I’d have roughly the same live skills speaking being nervous in English, as I usually have when I speak in Spanish.

Another good point I learned from this talks it’s not to focus that much in the detail of each piece of the code in the project, rather than finding key parts of the code that help to transmit the main message of the talk. Failing on doing this will contribute to making your speech a little bit more boring and less dynamic.

In any case, I really enjoyed being at the conference and I will definitely apply everything I learned to better prepare talks in the future.